12 thoughts on “Where Is A Good Place To Work That Doesnt Mind Unnatural Colored Hair?”

  1. Try Pac Sun.
    I mean it all depends. When you go in to apply, ask them if they would have problems with it up front.
    You aren’t trash, and you wouldn’t want to work for a manager that thought like that anyways.
    Find a place that would like creativity. Look around for artsy restaurants, hair salons, or boutiques. Those would be a lot more fun to work in anyways.

  2. Salons are usually a great place to work if you like to have cool hair. All those that work w/ me have great funky, fun hair. You could be a salon coordinator/ receptionist.
    Also, the MAC counters at department stores encourage being artistic in expressing yourself.
    Lots of places will hire you if you are confident & don’t act like there is anything wrong w/ having cool hair. You can also try working in Ulta or Sephora working in the store. It is how you carry yourself. Just go places you want to work & see what happens. If they say anything about your hair, that isn’t the place for you. Keep searching & you will find what suits you best. Don’t listen to all those on here that tell you are being “wild & young”. It is a way for you to express yourself, showing your individuallity & have fun. Keep doing what you want to do & don’t let anyone’s opinion stop you from being you. Other people’s opinions are none of your business!
    I love doing different things w/ my hair & my make-up. It depends on my mood how I do them. Right now I have platinum blonde hair & I am considering some coloured streaks for some summer fun.
    Good luck finding something that suits you!
    I am so sorry the Sonic manager told you that. Just think, when you grow up, you will be working somewhere awesome & she will probably still be managing a Sonic! Yes, I am a snob. 🙂 ( I do love Sonic though- I go there almost every day for a soda. I live in Dallas & there are lots of employees of the local Sonics w/ cool hair. I don’t think that is Sonic’s rule to not employ less conservative looking people- probably just her small minded rule.)

  3. well, I was going to say hottopic but now I’ve got to think. I guess you just have to look up the regulations for employees. I think certain fast food places are open. That’s garbage work. I really don’t see why we are still getting judged for hair and tats and piercings. Since when do they still make us criminals? I’m in the navy so I’ve got strict dress codes to have to follow. I guess you just have to call up businesses and ask around. Good luck and I hope the ignorance ends soon.

  4. Seeing how you are a teenager it would probably be fun to work at a record store or something like that. If you are any good at makeup I know places like M.A.C encourage their employees to stand out (colored hair, tattoos, piercings etc.)

  5. How about a radio station? Or a counter culture kind of place. Maybe someplace where they sell or service motorcycles or extreme sporting equipment.
    Businesses are very concerned about image. Banks, stockbrokers, funeral parlors, pharmaceutical firms, insurance companies value conformity in the appearance of their employees. They don’t want someone who stands out. It’s more than being shallow. It’s business. No one is going to hire someone who doesn’t fit their image. Work for a place whose image harmonizes with yours.

  6. It all depends on the boss.
    I’ve known people at resturants to hire people like that, but then the boss was an old biker guy.
    Maybe a coffee shop, or a record shop.
    Or a hip thrift store.
    Or there’s always a bar!
    But I have a feeling you’re too young for that.

  7. Trader Joe’s
    and to set the record straight, having tattoos and piercings doesn’t make others think you are a criminal. the reason why you won’t get hired is because they are trying to portray a certain image (a clean look image, professional) and that tats and piercings just don’t do that.

  8. wow, you would choose your hair over a good paying job? That is backwards.
    Perhaps you can get a job as a cashier at a tattoo parlor. Ive also seen people with weird colored hair working at convienence stores. My pizza delivery guy the other night had weird colored hair.
    Dont get me wrong, when you are young, its fun to look different. I myself was a punk rocker in the early 80s and had a mohawk. However, when it was time to grow up and get a job, the weird hair went away.
    Being different when young is fun. Young people love to claim they are being unconformists…really they are just conforming to each other. However when you grow up you are going to find that you have to conform to society to make it.
    Not conforming to normal society when young = fun and cool
    Not conforming to normal society when an adult = Homeless person

  9. Well, in Maple Grove there is a Mann’s Cinema 10 Theater
    I saw alot of people with died hair and tats and piercings
    that work there, they don’t mind at all, plus my best friends
    bro is the Manager there, he’s cool.

  10. how about a place in a near mall to you? or maybe a small restraint. I’m sorry if this doesn’t help! are you still getting rid of those beanie babies?!?! I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Looks like you’ve been given some good ideas. The crux of the matter is this: you have to work at places that’s image is not important, or at places that have the same image that your color hair portrays. To be judged by your appearance is not fair, of course, but the world is not fair. This has existed for a long, long time and believe it or not has gotten much better within my lifetime (I am 50). The rebellion of our hippy generation did manage to do some good in that area. However, it still exists particularly in the professions and the higher paying jobs. So it will be a choice for you. You are entitled to make a statement by the way you choose to look, but others can choose to not give you a job because of your looks too. It is entirely legal to set dress codes at work. Just so you know you are limiting your future income and choices by how your appearance presents to society. I am an old hippy. I would love to have a tatoo and piercings and dreads and….well, you know, and I say that even though I am 50. But that choice is overridden by my choice to attend grad school and become a healthcare provider. So….it’s about choice. Just so you know what importance you are giving to what….and what the outcome will be.

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