What Is The Difference Between Hair Color And Hair Tint?

I have previously lightened my hair a little bit and I have given it highlights. I am going to grow my hair out so that it is all my natural tone- brown.
Once my hair is back to its natural brown color, I want to add interest by giving it a little bit of a reddish tint. Should I look for mild hair color, or a tint? What is a “tint” anyway? I’m basically looking for a product that will give my hair a reddish tone but won’t turn it completely red.

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  1. ill hazzard a guess that tint is like high lights, where you’re only doing small parts of your hair, and colour is an all over colour .

  2. getting something without peroxide or other bleaching agents as a rinse vs perm or semi perm means you can wash it out.
    some tints are rinses
    some are semi perm or perm.
    ask at the beauty supply fro brands best in your area.

  3. Sorry I’m not very good in English language. So You must look the instructions in the box. What you want to achieve is a red shade on your natural hair. If so you have to find a product with no ammonia in it. This will give you a result of red but not very strong as the permanent dye would. It also makes your hair shiny and healthy. Always have a pach test first.

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