What Is The Best Hair Product Brand? Redken, Kerastase Or Paul Mitchell?

I have been a stylist for 12 years now and out of the three you have mentioned I prefer Paul Michell. It is a very versatile product and available for all hair types.Personally I use “The Conditioner” on a daily basis. Not only is it good as a leave in conditioner, but you can also use it as a shaving cream, lotion, facial moisturizer and many other things. I love it and recommend it to everyone I know. It works great on damaged hair and dry skin. I have even used it on sunburns and ended up with a spectacular tan!! Hope this helps! good luck

7 thoughts on “What Is The Best Hair Product Brand? Redken, Kerastase Or Paul Mitchell?”

  1. Paul Mitchell is all I use, I work in a Paul Mitchell inner circle salon, and their products are awesome!!! They have something for everyone. But you have to try for yourself, everyone is different!

  2. paul mitchell but it all depends on the hair type, redkin for fine hair, kerastase for thick hair, and paulmitchell for dry hair.

  3. I’ve never used any if them. I’ve heard that Paul Mitchell is pretty good. if you need moisture for your hair, it’s pretty good.

  4. I’m a stylist and I like some products of different brands. Most of all though I really like more of the Bed Head products. I do more of the up to date kind of styles and have found that Bed Head has more products I can use than any other line. I absolutely love the “wax works” of Paul Mitchell and ” Instacure” of Matrix essentials line. The “Sleek Looks” shampoo and conditioner is wonderful of Matrix line. Redken is a great line and so is Paul Mitchell, haven’t heard of Keratase though. Hope that helps. OH! If you are looking for something for split ends or those beginnings of split ends, that is until you can get a haircut, Try “Ego Boost” by Bed Head, it’s a great leave in conditioner too!

  5. you offered 3 choices, I’ll take a fourth: KMS, available at salons and some Albertson’s stores. Absolutely the best I’ve ever used.

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