9 thoughts on “What Hair Color Looks Good On People With Tan Skin?”

  1. It really depends on your undertone if you have more yellowish tan undertones then brown tan stay away from warm tones because they tend to bring that yellow look out. Other then that it depends on how your eye color matches up and you can pretty much get away with anything ( nothing crazy though like really really light Platinum blonde). http://www.visual-makeover.com/color.htm
    This sit might help it has a lot of info on the right colors for your skin tone. Hope this helps!!!

  2. If both the tan and the hair color are natural (aka not sprayed on or bleached), then any hair color looks good. I personally think blondes look nice with a tan. Sadly for them, their faces will look like baseball gloves by the time they hit 40. But you’re only young once anyway, I say!

  3. NOTHING LIGHT!!!! I hate that. if you have really tan skin, then i think brown, dark brown, or black look good. nothing else.

  4. Dark Browns and maybe even black would give you a very exotic, natural look.

  5. i think black would look good im always seeing really tan girls with dark eyes with black hair and it looks soo good. =)

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