34 thoughts on “What Hair Color Looks Best With Green Eyes And Medium Olive Skin?”

  1. I think Red looks good with those color eyes and complexion. Not a bright red, but nice auburn.

  2. well, usually black looks good on everyone especially olive skin but a hazel brown with a few dirty blond highlights would look fantastic and remember hair length is important to i would suggest side bangs collar bone length hair with a slit wave in the hair if that too complicated then just go with straight

  3. i am also an olive skint tone color i think black or even light brown i was also born with dark brown hair but then dyed it light brown and it looks pretty good but i have brown eyes so i think u should go with black so it can bring out Ur eyes!

  4. OMG! you are like my dream girl, [green eyes, olive skin, brown hair].
    Stick to the Brown hair, Its my favorite hair color.

  5. I think black hair would look good with that.
    But if not that, I think Blonde would look awesome also with it.

  6. actually, i read your headline question and thought “dark brown” so i think you should keep it the same! a few highlights and lowlights can make a good difference if you’re looking for a change.

  7. i think that your hair color is perfect i have the same color and skin but i have brown eyes.

  8. dark brown looks the best but whatever color you were born with probley looks best on you girl

  9. I have olive skin too…dark hair goes best with our skin tone. If you want to change your natural color though, what about black? I have tried it and it doesn’t look goth or anything. And, It would look stunning with olive skin and green eyes.

  10. I’d have to say, that your hair goes great with your eyes and skin tone, but if I were you I’d just go with a lighter brown.

  11. Bald! Bald is great with green eyes and medium olive skin. Bald is the coolest thing!!!

  12. I think you should keep it dark. Keep it within shades of brown. Have you considered going darker, like maybe black? Like Esmerelda, you know?

  13. Looks may be a petty first-attraction for some, but, for the right guy, it ALWAYS comes down to your soul.

  14. I don’t think you should change it. Any shade of brown hair works best with green eyes. Very Pretty!

  15. possibly a lighter brown if ur intent on a chnge, but otherwise, it sounds like you have a beautiful natural hair color.

  16. I work in the industry so hopefully my answer will be helpful to you. You have a beautiful hair color already so I would just play it up by adding highlights. A medium blonde highlight and caramel (maybe even a little deeper) lowlight always look beautiful together especially with your skin tone and eyes. I wouldn’t get too many highlights but frame the front of your face with them and get a few around the rest of your hair. Leaving your hair your natural color underneath is the style right now and it would look great but that of course is up to you. Good luck!

  17. I have green eyes and it is something we are very blessed with he he!!!! But my natural hair color is dark brown to and i recently dyed it blonde and evryone said they liked it but i just dyed it back and i am just a brunette i guess cause i just gives you a bitchier look lol i say keep brown!!! P.S. auburn is good too looks nice really brings out the eyes!!!!

  18. i was wondering what colour to dye my hair as i have green eyes and olive skin, just come back from holiday and my hair looks dull, so all your comments have help, im going black 😀

  19. i have chocolate skin and bright green eyes too! 🙂 i naturally have dark brown hair but i felt it was too dull so i died my hair the blackest black i could find and i really love the results! it gives me an even more dramatic look and i am sure it’d do the same for you. (: if not, throw in some soft red tones and that may work too!

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