How Long Does It Take For Demi Permanent Hair Color To Wash Out?

I was thinking of using RAW Deep Purple Demi-permanent hair color to dye my hair without having the commitment of permanent hair dye. However, I heard that it stains the hair. If I change my mind and want to go back to my natural hair color, how long will it take to go back or how should I go about to get the natural color back? Also, if you have any suggestions on other purple demi-permanent hair colors that don’t stain as badly please tell!

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  1. What colour is your hair now? If it’s dark, then you will just get subtle purple tones which will gradually wash out over a month or so. If your hair is blonde, then it might last longer, but will still fade to probably a lilac kind of colour.
    Semi-permanent dyes only penetrate the hair shaft by a small amount. So they wash out gradually and don’t leave visible roots. If you wanted to remove the dye quicker, you could just use another semi permanent dye close to your natural shade, or shampoo your hair with a cheap shampoo which will tend to strip the colour out (use a heavy duty conditioner afterwards if you do that)

  2. I am a stylist. If you are a blonde, or light brunette tones of the purple will stay indefinitely. If your hair is dark brown demi will last 5 to 8 weeks depending on the porosity of your hair. If you are a lighter hair color and want to eventually go back to your natural color you could be looking at a big expense. Corrective color would be necessary to fix your hair. There are some other options. You could do streaks or even extensions of the purple. If you have them put in by a stylist this could be affordable. I would suggest doing a peek-a-boo effect with the purple, big chunky sections that peek out underneath or on one side of you hair. That is very hot right now, good luck!

  3. I had a wash out dye of dark blue for my hair..and it felt like it was in my hair forever. After the tenth or eleventh wash I got my hair color back…So it all depends on how often you wash it with in a 1-2 month period.

  4. I think you mean semi-permanent and it depends on how much you’re particular hair strand cuticle absorbs the color. Don’t think I would mess with it. See a proffesional colorist and ask.

  5. For you I would suggest a semi permanent hair color because they are easier to fade out, especially if you have light hair. If you do have light hair though it never faids out completely. I would suggest a brand called COLOR FIEND in Violet Shock or Purple Punk. It is semi-permanent.

  6. My hair is dark blonde/light brown with a fair amount of gray. In addition, I used a peroxide and toner, which lightened my hair just enough to nicely blend with the gray. Then, I got a wild idea to go reddish brown. What a mistake!

    I used a Clairol brand demi-permanent called “Spiced Tea.” Instead of a deep brown/red, it looked more Ronald McDonald red. That same day, I ran to the store and got a Golden Blonde (dark blond/light brown) in the same brand to tone it down. That was about five weeks ago.

    Most of the dark/bright color faded from my hair, but it did not go back to the blonde it was before. Instead, it was a faded pale orange shade. Twice this week, I’ve used 30-volume peroxide on my hair in attempt to remove the color. It has lightened it a bit more, but it is still stained with a pale, pale beige shade.

    I fear that as my hair grows out, there will always be that demarcation unless I dye it all a slightly darker shade, which I don’t plan to do.

  7. My stylist used a Clairol semi-permanent hair color on my hair and ran out of the product when it was on my scalp only. She then used a semi-permanent Goldwell product and she said it was the same color. I have long hair so the ends of my hair are dark brown/red Long story short, the top of my Head is a nice soft light brown and the bottom is a dark red. Can I get the same Clairol semipermanent hair color that is on the top and use only on my ends. Or will I just screw it up.

  8. This blows. So i had beautiful light brown hair with many blonde natural looking highlights. My roots started growing in and looked like a dark brown. ive been dying my hair for years so i couldnt remmeber what my natural color was exactly. I decided i was going to dye it back to all one color as close to my natural as possible. EPIC FAIL. So i bought garnier nutrisse in medium ash brown. I left it on my head for 10 minutes washed it out and blowdried it to only realize it looked almost black with a tint of brown and sorta red. I then realized my natural hair mustve been a light brown. this is only demi perminent tho so if i wait until it fades (28 washes) can i dye my hair back lighter? I HATE IT SO MUCH PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME !!! im not stripping it or bleaching it tht is so bad for hair. ughh, im so stressed and haven ate in days hair is my passion and when it goes wrong then its a problem. any solutions to this nightmare? anyone?

  9. This hair dye gives the most sexy look of all … it worked for me, so why won’t it work for you. When i walked down the street after coming out of my flat, all of the sexy men were eying me up. (That was when i lost my verginerty) I think that was the best day of my life!

  10. demi permanent hair color is much better on your hair than semi permanent. demi is easy to remove if you don’t like the color and after about 10 -12 washing it is usually faded it ! it does not grow out from the roots !
    if you wash your hair with head and shoulders shampoo the color will be easily removed after about 4 washing ! remember anything with ash will have a greenish tint to it anything with red will have red and orange color to it ! it is bast to go with a a solid soft color instead of a dark hard color ! i wanted an auburnlook but not dar so i went with light red brown ! well example it cameout alittle toauburn so i added light brown to the have of the light red auburn to get just the color i wanted ! use 1/2 one color and half the other color and you work with it from there ! the color company i like is color brilliance intensive shine (ion) demi permanent cream h a i r color and get the mixture to go with it ! remember the keyto a good lasting color after you apply the color with your hands work it through with your fingers than wait 10 mins than comb it through good and wait another 10 mins than rinse it with warm water and use a mild shampoo to clean it ! tresamae in black bottles puts out great shampoos

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