Perfumes and colons can go from little as few bucks to a thousand. We will show you why that is and we will tell you what you should know before buying your Fragrance .

  If you are shopping for fragrances, we suggest that you visit your local mall. Before you go shopping for something else, visit the fragrance place. Pick one out and try it on your self. Literally spray it on your hand and go about your business for 30 minutes. After the time is up, smell your hand, if you still like how it smells then you got a winner.

If you buying fragrances as a gift, think twice. You really have to know the person before you buy them that gift. Fragrance is very personal thing. If you know them well and still want to risk with that gift, then consider a few things before you buy: Age, gender, what they have used in the past and what is popular now.

Tips: There are seven basic fragrance types that all fragrances fit into: single florals, floral bouquets, spicy, woodsy-mossy, oriental, fruity, and modern blends. When choosing a new fragrance, always go alone. 🙂

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