Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are many different types of hair extensions. Cheap hair clip in extensions are one option, but another option would be Euronext hair extensions. Microbead hair extensions are a third option, and we will examine those specifically. When we are done, you should easily be able to choose which types of extensions are going to be best suited to your particular purposes. Among those possible purposes are such things as dealing with a child’s unfortunate hair cut, adding volume to your hair, or adding length to your hair. They can also be used to add highlights on a temporary basis.

Cheap hair clip in extensions were the first option we mentioned, and they are the first option which many people consider. Perhaps they should be the first option you consider as well. They are exactly what they sound like. They are a moderate amount of hair which is attached to a clip. This clip can then be attached to existing hair in order to accomplish all of the purposes which we mentioned in our previous paragraph. They lack much versatility beyond that, but the advantage here is that they can be quickly and easily removed and replaced, even throughout the day if necessary.

As you have no doubt already ascertained, cheap hair clip in extensions are not your only option. Fusion extensions are also very popular, both cold and hot. However, if you are going to use heat fusion extensions, you need to keep in mind that they cannot stand up to normal activities like blow drying and curling. Also, they can damage your existing hair if you’re not careful. For that reason, cold fusion extensions continue to gain in popularity. Not only is there a lot less risk that they will damage your hair, they will last a lot longer, too.. even up to six months.

Another option available to you besides cheap clip in extensions would be the aforementioned microbead extensions. The name of these extensions come from the fact that they are attached you a small metal bead which has a silicone lining in it. Both the existing hair and the extension itself are threaded through the bead, which is then clamped down with a pair of pliers. The end result is a very popular, very practical type of extension that is quite versatile and can even be reused. Skin weft extensions are yet anther option which is available to you.