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The Davines story

In 1983, the Bollati family founded Davines Group in Parma, Italy. We started as a research laboratory, producing high end hair and skin care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of honing its expertise, Davines Hair Care Company created its own line of products exclusively for salons.

Since the beginning, Davines focused on creating quality products that are scientifically engineered to work, and express their distinctive style and spirit. Quality to davines means having the freedom to create the best with careful attention to and respect for their environment, using high grade, natural ingredients, and applying scientific rigor to every product. Hair Care company Davines’s style is a reflection of our curiosity and openness to the world – different cultures, customs, and people that truly inspire us, and our Italian perspective of history and art, design and fashion, culture and lifestyle because it is their heritage and who they are. Davines have a love of all things that reflect simplicity and harmony because their beauty is always modern. While we’re in tune with today’s mood, we set out to create concepts and products that are destined to become classics with their timeless appeal.

They are courageously true to their feelings and ideas. Davines dares to do what they believe in. Rather than conforming to the mainstream, they choose to trust their own intuition and pave their own path. This allows davines the freedom to develop concepts and products that are original, authentic, and emotionally connect with people. Their work is a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and ideas. It is what enables them to create what they call, life-enhancing projects.

22 years later, the Davines community spans 56 countries, thousands of salons and hundreds upon hundreds of passionate hairdressers. Although they continue to grow, with headquarters in Parma, Italy and New York, their roots are firmly planted in their beginnings as a family-owned research laboratory guided by the same desire for quality products with an authentic approach and timeless appeal. brand identity our style


Simplicity, harmony and good taste never lose their appeal. On the contrary, their beauty is always modern. That is why Davines style, while in tune with today’s mood, is destined to become “classic” in the future.

PROGESSIVE ITALIAN The “Made in Italy” label has been synonymous with style and creativity for decades, and has created the international standard for design, lifestyle, care and craftsmanship, innovation and passion. At Davines, they are proud of these roots and want to continue to represent the positive worldwide association with “Italian made”.

MULTICULTURAL Italians have historically navigated around the globe. Continuing this spirit of exploration, we embrace cultural exchange through our global community. Our multicultural approach enables Davines to interact with different cultures, their varying views and distinctive customs. Davines products are inspired by the diverse arts, sciences and designs from around the world. It is what enables us to continually evolve alongside the ever-changing world we live in. our spirit

AUTHENTIC Davines are courageously true to it’s feelings and ideas. This allows them to embark on projects reflective of inner values and sensibilities, and gives davines the freedom to do what they believe in. Interior balance creates exterior beauty, not in a traditional sense, but of a self confident nature.

ORIGINAL In a mass-dominated market, Davines always searching for new, ingenious solutions. This leads them off the beaten path and exposes to the consequences of taking risks. But rather than conforming passively to the mainstream, Davines choose to trust instinctive sensibility and boldly pave their own path in order to explore new ways.

PIONEERING Davines trust intuition more than statistics as they feel the way through social, cultural, scientific and artistic phenomena. This results in a vivid imagination, enabling them to connect on an emotional level and give people what they desire even before they realize they desire it. brand identity our quality

FREEDOM TO CREATE Davines try to limit restrictions from the very start of the product development process. From concepts and formulations to packaging and design, they are open and willing to explore every angle to achieve unique and innovative benefits.

SCIENTIFIC RIGOUR While intuition, creativity and freedom are fundamental elements of great discoveries, a rigorous method is the essential foundation. To ensure Davines’s strict standards are met and their products keep their promises, Davines’s in-house research laboratories test every new formulation on real clients in internal test salon.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS Promoting respectful consideration for Davines environment is their social responsibility as a company. Self respect, respect for the views of others and for cultural differences are also linked to this behavior since we all share the world we live in. Quality-certified ingredients, testing standards of the highest integrity and reduced harmful packaging are all testimony to Davines consideration and careful attention to the mother earth.

Davines Hair Care Products:

Davines Alchemic Line

Davines Alchemic hair care
The Perfectly balanced hair care line – Davines Alchemicis designed as a aftercare for colored hair, tinting or highlighting prolongs and strengthen and maintains the color. Davines Alchemicline Contains exclusive supplements, based on milk proteins and vitamins that deeply penetrates and nourishes your hair and preserves hair color.Davines Alchemic line Includes six bottles of shampoos and conditioners to maintain and vivid colors of various types of colored hair – Alchemic gold (for the warm shades of blond hair), Alchemic red (for red, and mahogany colors), Alchemic silver (to neutralize unwanted yellow on platinum and gray hair), Alchemic chocolate (for all shades of dark brown and black), Alchemic tobacco (for light brown shades), Alchemic copper (for copper nuances).

Davines Glorifying Hair Care Line

Davines Glorifying Hair Care Line
Davines Glorifying Hair Care Line – a unique hair care for colored hair, minimizing the impact of external aggressive factors on the hair and retards their aging process. Davines Glorifying Products contain active ingredients derived from plant material: Sunflower extract, polyphenols and Omega 6 – powerful antioxidants, anti-aging carotenoids, organic sunflower oil, having nutrients, softening and moisturizing properties OGT – a unique derivative of corn oil has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect  proteins of wheat and oat amino acids that restore the hair structure and forming a protective film on them.  After the first use of Davines Glorifying products the hair acquiring a wonderful natural shine, silkiness and vivid color.

Davines Natural Tech Hair Care Products

Davines Natural Tech line
Davines Natural Tech Products offers a full range of hair care products for hair and scalp, as well as the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Davines Natural Tech line is the result of the most advanced scientific research that combines clean and natural ingredients with essential oils which guarantee a stable and lasting effect. With Davines Natural Tech products all hair care and scalp problems such as: hair loss, disruption of their structure, disruption of the sebaceous glands in the scalp, dandruff, become solvable. Davines Natural Tech System – Due to the fact that the bioactive components in combination with essential oils quickly penetrate through the skin into the vascular layer, the impact of ingredients producing positive results in the short term. Davines Natural Tech line is stimulating, regenerating, rejuvenating, heals, cleans, nourishes and professional anti-aging hair care products for hair and scalp.

Davines Sun Care SU System

Davines Essential Hair Care SU Line
Davines Sun Care SU System for hair Protects your hair and scalp from the sun or exposing you hair to chlorine at the pool or at the beach. Davines Sun Care SU system combines anti aging products that also gurantee protection from environmental factors and stress. Davines Sun Care SU provides and resores silkiness and natural shine.

Davines Essential Hair care products

Davines Essential Hair care products
Davines Essential Hair care productshas its source in and is made from 100% renewable energy. Davines Essential Haircare includes seven product families, each of which is aimed at specific hair “wishes”, plus a range created for hair and skin exposed to the sun. Davines Essential Hair Careproducts are based on natural active ingredients of Mediterranean origin and fragrance. The environmentally friendly packaging of Essential Haircare is also an innovative feature. The bottles are made using 25% less plastic and can be recycled for domestic use. Davines NOUNOU for treated and coloured hair, Davines MOMO for dry and dehydrated hair, Davines DEDE for fine and stressed hair, Davines SOLU for all types of hair, Davines LOVE for curly hair, Davines LOVE for frizzy hair, Davines MELU for long or damaged hair

Davines For Wizards

Davines For Wizards
Davines FOR WIZARDS includes 10 products for creative styling and finishing. The composition of products is designed so that the master could create different looks in a very short time. The unique blend of high-tech resins maintains the degree of fixation for a long period time.

Davines Defining Hiar Care Products

Davines Defining Products
Davines Defining Products is an innovative system of styling products. Davines Defining Products ingredients included in this line are rich with specific vitamins and proteins, which add luster and protect against aggressive external factors. Davines Defining system Products are Ideal for a wet effect , hair straightening or curly hair without weighing down. This is a new series of classic styling products (protein Lotion, which simulates the gel, wax, paste, paint, tool for smoothing hair) gives particularly any appearance.

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